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Like humans, animals have a life of their own. To entertain themselves and to ward off boredom, researchers and enthusiasts have noticed that animals, pets, in particular, have one very eerie thing in common with their human counterparts. It is the ability to associate a playful nature with certain objects.

Like humans, pets also like to play around with objects. However, these objects must cater to their individualistic needs and should replicate a ‘natural’ environment for them.

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Why Do We Exactly Need Interactive Pet Toys?

As mentioned above, humans and animals are similar. Like human babies, pets are also naturally curious about the environment they are in. Additionally, their biological and hormonal drive also kicks in earlier than humans. Hence, to keep them sane and happy, while also sharpening their cognitive and instincts, toys are essential.

In some cases, interactive pet toys are also used as rehabilitation for animals that have been subjected to abuse or neglect. These toys enable the owner and the pet to bond over something neutral that the animal can directly share with the human. In the long run, this teaches the pet to trust the human since he/she also plays around with the toy as the animal perceives it.

Keeping aside all the formal reasons, interactive pet toys are also a great way to get to know your pet better! Each animal has a distinctive personality. By engaging with them in physical activity, you’ll get to know more about them and understand their psyche better. If you think about it, your pet will get to know you better as well.


Interactive Pet Toys For Dogs

Dogs are amazing creatures. Often titled as ‘man’s best friend,’ it’s fair to say that this isn’t that much far off. Dogs are energetic and friendly and make for awesome pets. It doesn’t matter if you live alone with a family; a dog is likely to adjust in all house settings.

However, there are, of course, moments where you’ll have to leave your dog to their own devices. In such instances, it’s best to have pet toys around so that your dog doesn’t start tearing up your sofa for fun or something equally chaotic. At InteractivePetToys.com, we have a plethora of products that can cater to a wide variety of the different breeds of dogs.

The best-selling product that we are currently offering is the ALLSTAR INNOVATIONS WOBBLE WAG GIGGLE BALL DOG TOY. By making fun noises when played with, this product is likely to keep your dog entertained whenever you’re not around. Furthermore, this model is also easy to look after and maintain.

Another product that is quite famous is the OUTWARD HOUND NINA OTTOSSON DOG TWISTER PUZZLE TOY GAME. This product, however, requires the presence of a human as well. Not because it’s necessary, but because you’ll love your dog’s reaction. This is a mentally stimulating puzzle game for canines who think they are too smart for their good. Put your dog to the test and let them have it at this ‘find-the-treat’ game!


Best Interactive Pets Toys For Cats

Unlike dogs, cats are better left to their own devices. They aren’t that social, which is why a cat is a good pet to have if you feel that you won’t be able to meet a dog’s demands. Additionally, for this reason, interactive pet toys for cats are made for entertaining cats when they are alone.

The product that has been sold the most through InteractivePetToys is the HEXBUG NANO ROBOTIC CAT TOY. This product is essentially a little robot that will move around the house, replicating a wild goose chase between the cat and the toy. This is a good way to keep the cat entertained and is highly recommended as well.

Another product on this list is the SNUGGLYCAT THE RIPPLE CAT ACTIVITY PLAY MAT. This product is great to have around kittens and cats alike because it gives them a platform where they can scratch, stretch, and groom as they please. The rug is made of a thick material which cats are often fond of being around. Overall, we recommend this product to every cat owner because we believe it will make a great addition to your cat’s daily routine and will also give them a platform to express themselves more freely in the house.


The Main Difference Between Cat And Dog Toys

Some pet owners often cannot distinguish between interactive pet toys made for dogs and cats. To a layman, this is justified. However, owning a pet warrants that the difference is clear to you.

Toys are made to replicate the behavior in the wild. For this reason, you’ll find toys for dogs that are more social-based and chewable whereas toys for cats are more likely to be for scratching and ‘messing’ around with. It’s a bit of a gray area to work with because cats and dogs both exhibit similar behavior, but once you get them a toy and start observing, you’ll get the hang of it.



Pets are a blessing. We, at InteractivePetToys.com, believe that each pet should get the best treatment that they can. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog or a cat; we love them equally the same. We hope you find just the right interactive pet toy that you need. Furthermore, if you have any requests or want something special not mentioned above, do contact us!